The month of February is the month of love, but many guys find it really hard these days to find that perfect girl, or even to get girls to like them. Most guys, believe it or not, want to be with a girl whom they can be with for the best part of their lives. So if you are alone for Valentines, here are a few tips for all the […]

Italians can face a period of uncertainty after parliamentary elections left no party in a clear position to form a government. Expect to see a fair bit of and political horse trading after no clear winner emerged in the election race. The center-left coalition headed by Pier Luigi Bersani won by a narrow margin in Italy’s lower house of parliament, according to final figures released by the Interior Ministry. But Bersani’s […]

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Like many people trying to lose belly fat, you’ve no doubt wondered whether any of the widely advertised weight-loss supplements are worth trying. Perhaps you’ve even plunked down $30 for a bottle of the latest fat burner or hunger buster that’s supposed to melt away pounds. If so, you’re not alone: Americans spend an estimated $1.3 billion each year on these over-the-counter (OTC) products. More than twice as many people take […]

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Anyone going through a lawsuit or who is in need of legal counsel can understand the importance of a reputable attorney. Lawyers can be expensive, but finding a good Virginia reckless driving attorney is even more so, and finding one that you trust can be difficult. However, the benefits in finding a professional and reputable lawyer to represent your case cannot be underestimated. The quality of your lawyer can be […]

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