The month of February is the month of love, but many guys find it really hard these days to find that perfect girl, or even to get girls to like them. Most guys, believe it or not, want to be with a girl whom they can be with for the best part of their lives. So if you are alone for Valentines, here are a few tips for all the guys on how to get a girl to like you.


  • Do not try too hard to impress a girl, she might think of you as an attention seeker. The goal is not to be able to talk down to her; but rather it is to make her like you for who you are. Each time you meet her, take note of the conversation details, take note of her appearance, what she is wearing, what perfume she might have on.
  • Girls notice well groomed guys. It does not matter if you are naturally handsome or not, a well dressed guy always leaves a good impression.
  • Always use good manners. Surveys show that men with good manners are 50% more likely to hook up with the fairer sex than those louts with no manners at all.
  • Talk about issues that are common to both of you. Guys have an issue of what to talk when they meet a girl they like. Overcoming this fear is pretty simple if you have been paying attention to her previous conversations. But always make sure that you listen to what she says; do not talk about yourself all the time. Girls tend to like guys who make them laugh. Pay sincere compliments. All girls love to be told how beautiful and distinct they look and when they take hours to get dressed up, tell her it was worth the wait.
  • Be honest with her, if she has been cheated upon she will never be able to trust another guy. If you don’t love her, do not play with her feelings. Make her feel important, do special things for her. Never compare a girl with the others you have gone out with. When you ask her out, make a special meal or get her flowers. It will also give her a hint that you like her.
  • Spend some quality time with her; sometimes all a girl needs is time and somebody to be around for her. Girls do get insecure; all they need is an assurance that you are going to be around for her. Be the guy who stands by her when others have hung up on her.
  • Stand up for what you believe in; never give away your morals to impress the girl. Always be honest with her. No girl will ever like a guy who lies to her.
  • Be yourself. Present yourself the way you are. Do not try to become somebody else to get a girl to like you. Never lose your identity and your charm in the efforts of getting the girl to notice you. The right girl will definitely fall for you.
  • Treat her like a girl and not a trophy to be won. Try to understand her.


If these tips do not work out for you, do not despair, as you will eventually find a girl who is right for you. And if you truly like her, it will show in your eyes and your mannerisms – and that is something that she’ll definitely notice.

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