Post the Newtown massacre, several US states are considering allowing school teachers to carry weapons and educators. Most teachers surveyed are determined not to allow a repeat of the Newtown massacre and are now flocking to training sessions.

The gun lobby argues that there is no way to stop crazy or evil people doing bad things and so the only sure-fire way to prevent mass shootings like the one at Sandy Hook primary is to take down the shooter. In response to Newtown, the Utah Shooting Sports Council (USSC) waived its fee on Thursday for educators wanting to participate in training sessions to gain permits to carry concealed weapons. More than half of the roughly 400 education professionals that showed an interest had to be turned away because there wasn’t enough room on the course.

The surge in interest was seen by organisers as a direct response to the shooting in Newtown, with teachers showing a heightened awareness that people are responsible for their own safety and wanted their own permits.

Pro-gun politicians in Florida, Minnesota, Oregon, South Dakota and Tennessee have also vowed to propose legislation in the coming months that would allow for armed teachers in schools.

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