With a plethora of apps available for the iPad, you may be lost as to which app is right for you. In fact, it is the apps that really set the iPad apart from other competing tablets. There is rumoured to be about 10 times more apps available on the App Store for the iPad than any other tablet.

Here is a list of the top apps that you definitely need:

App name: Adobe Reader
Developer: Adobe Systems, Inc
Price: Free
Adobe’s free PDF-reading software does more than just open PDFs (which iOS can do anyway). You can use it to mark up PDFs with a drawing tool, and add notes. You can use it to fill in PDF forms, and sign documents to email back (or print). Adobe Reader also supports opening password-protected PDFs and PDF portfolios.

App name: zeebox
Developer: zeebox
Price: Free
This app takes the idea of the iPad as a second screen while watching TV to a new level. Zeebox wraps up information about the show you’re watching with social streams, it’s got information about viewer opinion and can even be used to control certain set-top boxes. It can even be something as mundane as a TV guide, if you’re so inclined.

App name: toptable for iPad
Developer: OpenTable Inc
Price: Free
Sometimes, you don’t want to cook. It’s a good thing, then, that the world is packed with great places to eat. The toptable for iPad app enables you to make bookings at thousands of restaurants right from your iPad, either by searching or just browsing a map to see what’s nearby. It also offers restaurant reviews and menus.

App name: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
Developer: MyFitnessPal LLC
Price: Free
Keep track of how many calories you’re consuming each day with the Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app’s huge database (over two million foods). Once you start seeing how much a chocolate bar will add to your daily total, you might think twice about it if you’re trying to lose weight. Even if you’re not, it can help you to keep a handle on how healthily you’re eating.

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